Synchredible 5.3

Synchronize and back up files, folders, and entire hard disks
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This handy software utility allows you to synchronize the contents of two locations. Synchredible is equally useful whether you need to synchronize a single file/folder, or an entire drive/partition. Moreover, this tool uses an innovative technology capable of detecting and syncing only the files that have changed between the two configured locations, saving you precious time.

The program allows you to configure as many synchronization jobs as you may require, which can be easily done using the provided "Task Wizard". It allows you to create a new sync job through several clear steps that even non-expert users can follow without problems. Those steps help you to determine the source and destination folders, the synchronization direction (from one folder to another only or bidirectional), whether to process all the files or just the newer ones, whether to exclude some file types from the job, and some system tasks to be automatically executed before or after the it.

One of the greatest assets of Synchredible is, in my opinion, the fact that it allows you to automatize your sync jobs in several ways. You can do it based on a time interval (at a specific time or every certain number of minutes), or on a system event (for example on Windows start or logoff). Even more, the program can recognize when you plug a specific pre-configured pen drive or flash memory to automatically copy the files from/to it. Also, you can set temporal restrictions to your sync jobs by specifying the days of the week and the time frame when they can be executed. Anyway, despite all the mentioned features, you can always execute any of your configured synchronization jobs manually, at any time.

In conclusion, I would say that Synchredible is a free yet feature-rich synchronization tool that can fulfill most needs of all kinds of users. Unfortunately, it doesn't support remote synchronization through FTP protocol, which is a common feature usually present on this kind of tools.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Capable of processing the files that require synchronization only
  • Allows you to automatize your sync jobs in several ways
  • Recognizes specific USB devices for automatic file synchronization
  • Allows you to set temporal restrictions to your sync jobs


  • Doesn't support remote synchronization through FTP
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