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Synchredible can help you synchronize data between various locations
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Synchredible can help you synchronize data between various locations. Therefore, it comes in handy when you are using two different computers, let us say, a desk computer at work and a laptop at home. It also helps you keep updated backups of a given folder. Fortunately, it supports local and remote locations. Regrettably, you can synchronize FTP locations only if you use another application called NetDrive.

The application is quite easy to use, although setting a task may imply some challenges. In order to help you do it without much effort, there is a wizard to take you through all the steps but, if you still find any difficulty, you can consult the excellent accompanying documentation. The tool lets you set all the parameters to perform a successful synchronization. Luckily, if you need to carry out a differential synchronization, you can set it to synchronize only those files with different time stamps, and you can even configure the application to consider values within a given time range as equal. Likewise, you can use exclusion filters. Moreover, you can assign a given priority level and the buffer size.

When configuring a new task, you can trigger it on different events. Thus, you can set a specific time and date. Besides, you can start a synchronization on such system events as user login. In addition, you can define what actions to execute when the task is completed. Also, if you set it to do so, the program can keep a log of all the activities, save a report to a folder, or send it via email.

In general, Synchredible is an excellent application. However, it has some limitations when you need to synchronize remote locations as FTP folders or data on the Cloud.

Juan Perez
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  • It is relatively easy to use.
  • It allows differential copying.
  • You can schedule tasks


  • It does not support FTP and on-the-cloud locations
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