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Synchredible allows synchronizing contents between two different locations
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Synchredible allows synchronizing contents between two different locations. This type of tool is particularly useful when you’re saving the results of your work on different folders, computers or storage devices. It’s also convenient to make backup copies of important files. As it allows automating tasks, the application can do the jobs without direct human intervention.

Although performing synchronization tasks may sound somewhat complicated to inexperienced users, Synchredible actually makes it very easy. This is partly because there’s a wizard to guide you through every step of setting a task. A quick look at the various screens that make up this wizard can help you understand most of the program’s features. For example, you can define the type of task, which can consist on sending files from one location to another, or synchronizing the contents on both locations. Various options also allow performing the latter type, also called bilateral synchronization. The simplest one is by comparing timestamps, but the program can actually compare file contents to replace only those that are different. Moreover, the tool can be set to delete redundant folders. Luckily, you can also decide whether the elements will be copied to the new location with their original NTFS attributes.

Once the tasks have been configured, you can schedule them to run automatically on specified time and frequency conditions. It is an excellent choice to have some system events, such as Windows start, user logoff, drive mapping and USB detection, trigger the execution of given tasks. Additionally, you can set restrictions or configure other actions to happen before or after a task. However, you can also perform synchronization manually, and to make this easier, the program can create desktop shortcuts.

All in all, Synchredible is an excellent choice for those users, no matter their expertise, that need to keep files synchronized on different locations. What´s more, the possibility of scheduling tasks minimizes their efforts as well. Unfortunately, the program doesn´t seem to synchronize contents when one of the locations is an archive (zipped file).

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  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has a nice interface.
  • It can compare file contents.
  • It can copy files along with their original NTFS attributes.
  • It allows scheduling tasks


  • The program doesn´t seem to synchronize contents when one of the locations is an archive
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